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Scorpio Monthly Horoscope For March, 2011

Time to Chill!

Scorpio, it is finally time to chill out! Make some lemonade, look for your sunglasses, find a sunny spot, open that folded chair and then sit back and relax! Take a sip and enjoy the warmth of the Sun. We know you have too many things to do! Who doesn't?
Don't worry, there is always tomorrow. If you can't find a sunny place outdoors, search for it within you. A considerable group of planets is waking up your house of sweet pleasures this month, and they are determined to soften things up for you, at least for a while. Especially considering that Jupiter and Saturn have been loading you with tons of work to do, indoors and outdoors.

Take a few days off to practice your favorite hobby, or to enjoy the sensual side of life. Pamper yourself. There is no shame in that. We all do it every once in a while. You deserve it and if you won't do it now then believe us you won't have that chance again, not in a long time ahead. You can plan a trip with your friends, if you want. There is a good chance that you will enjoy it if you do so between the delightful Pisces New Moon on the 4th and the friendly Full Moon in Virgo on the 19th, because after that Mercury and the Sun will leave your house of pleasure to enter your house of work, where expansive Jupiter has already established himself. So after the equinox on the 21st of March, It will be work, work and more work. Therefore you'd better get ready for a flurry of increased business towards the end of the month. Don't burn yourself out. If you are feeling overloaded, be sure to ask for assistance, or find a way to prioritize your task list.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury in your house of fun invites you to have a nice chat with your beloved, or to practice an enjoyable activity that involves thinking and self-expression. You can benefit from Mercury's stay in that house to write a short story, learn a new game, etc. On the 10th, Mercury enters your house of work and health, so you can put the energy of this planet into business manoeuvres. This transition will put your thoughts and communication skills to work on the professional side, instead of the pleasurable self-reflective one. You can also use this energy to improve your health. So why don't you start exercising? You might like to start by going for quick walks or short sprints. It could be the kick-off that will get you moving into harder exercises.


Sweet Venus will move into your sector of domestic affair to soothe the sore wounds of last month. If you have been going through a difficult time at home, this planet will now mediate reconciliation (through you, maybe) so your house can regain its peace. If you've started work at home to alter an aspect of your residence, then this month you will be impressed with the beautiful results of your hard work. You will hopefully spend good times around your family, back at your parents' house, or you might welcome a nice familiar face as a guest at yours.

Passionate and Romantic

Dynamic Mars is loaded with highly sexual energy, and a co-ruler of your sign. Its journey through your fifth house puts romance in the air this month, especially around the dreamy Pisces New Moon on the 4th. Eligible Scorpions will find themselves entangled in an intensely passionate affair with an ardent lover. Of course, all of this will be very much to your liking, since you are an emotionally passionate sign and fond of the pleasures of the flesh. Although Mars radiates a foolhardy energy that could get you in trouble if you let things spiral out of control, and since the fifth house is a house of risky gambling, you could take a chance on something... and lose. So be careful against being too full of yourself.

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