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Scorpio Monthly Horoscope For July, 2011

Travel Plans

An eclipse occurs in your ninth house on the very first day of this month, dear Scorpio. The first thing to warn you about is travel. We don't recommend travel on or around this day, but you can go ahead and take a necessary trip once Venus shines her light on that sector on the 4th. Last month, we predicted a preoccupation with love and/or money. The eclipses and the positions of the planets still indicate that you are working on marital or business partnerships with all that entails.

On the 2nd, Mercury enters Leo, your house of career. Will you think of your current and future career status? Well after all the work that you have delivered in the first half of the year, you should! Now that Jupiter is in your house of partnerships, you are surely considering some sort of a partnership, or bearing the pressure of an already established one. In the latter case, some of you have entered into a series of bitter lawsuits revolving around money. When Venus moves into Cancer (your higher education and travel sector) on the 4th, business-oriented Scorpios will have a good chance of making a successful trip overseas, while higher education students will enjoy a pleasant start (or otherwise a successful end!) to their studies.

On the 15th, the Moon becomes fully illuminated in your house of communication. That's a good omen and a promise that you will be hearing good news soon. On the 23rd, the Sun steps into Leo, your house of career. Prepare yourself to be preoccupied by future career plans from that day onward, because Venus joins the Sun in Leo on the 28th. Mercury reaches your eleventh house of friends, hopes and wishes on the 28th too, and a dramatic Leo New Moon materializes in your house of career on the 30th! Unleash your plans to improve your professional and social status!

Discuss Career Prospects

Mercury is in your house of career starting on the 2nd. Will you discuss your career prospects with your supervisors? They will probably hear you, but postpone any decision until later. Don't expect improvements or positive results until the Sun and Venus have reached your mid-heaven towards the end of the month. Mercury, the planet of thinking and communication, reaches Virgo, your house of hopes and dreams on the 29th, so you will be thinking or considering an important issue after this date. Is it a partnership or career improvement? There may also be increased interactions or travel with children, especially children that are not biologically yours, but for whom you have responsibility.

Business Endeavour

Venus, the generous goddess of love, is in your ninth house from the 4th. The ninth house rules foreign travel and foreign countries, culture, long distance travels and journeys, religion, law, ethics, higher education, knowledge and experience through expansion. So you will probably make an important voyage that will prove very beneficial. Are you thinking of traveling for work? Are you thinking of opening a business abroad with a partner? The interpretations are many, but this version (business endeavours) of what is going on is the most likely to be a fact, given the past eclipses and the planetary movements. Unlike the past few months, when the celestials were more concentrated, the planets are now dispersed around the zodiac. This implies that the month is transitory and is not carrying decision. Decisions have been either taken before, or will be taken later.

Sex, Death and Taxes

Mars is in Gemini, your house of sex, death and taxes all month, Scorp. You need to pay money that is due on time, especially seeing that it could now be the source of conflicts. Quarrels and bickering could really revolve around money this month. How much is your share and how much is your partner's?

Fortunately, there is another pleasant reading for this, because Mars represents a sexual energy and the eighth house is a highly sexual sector of the zodiac. If that is your case, then we have nothing more to say!

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