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Scorpio Monthly Horoscope For January, 2011

Solar Eclipse at the New Moon

Happy New Year, Scorpio! Your mental processes are energized under the New Moon in Capricorn on the 4th, which is also a solar eclipse. Full of new ideas, you're ready to read more, all kinds of information, and to learn new things. You really need to communicate as you get busy planning projects, attending meetings, running errands and buzzing around like a busy bee. Buying a computer, new car, or phone, or upgrading your system, is on the agenda. Social interaction with siblings and neighbours is on the up and up. Avoid the delusion that your own ideas and opinions are the only ones worth listening to. Be cautious on the weekend, as you'll be tempted to splurge, especially on having fun with a gorgeous new face!

Venus begins the month in your sign, having spent the past few months there in a rare retro phase bringing issues from the past to the fore. Since you've probably caught a few flies in your honey pot, make sure you don't deliberately excite the green-eyed monster, especially at the Solar Eclipse on the 4th, or the desire for revenge might be initiated. Then as the Goddess dances into Sagittarius on the 7th, your house of finances, you are likely to spend and splurge! The issue of wealth connected with social status may come forward for the rest of the month.

The Moon in luscious Pisces sparks the Scorpion's speculative interest on the weekend of the 8th and 9th, when romance weaves its web, though children, if you have any, are a major preoccupation. Good fortune could flow your way on Monday the 10th, but the 11th and 12th are difficult days, when communication breakdown, power plays and emotional aridity make themselves felt under a fiery Aries Moon. especially in the work place, where concealed hostility is likely to make itself felt. Be careful of headaches and injuries to your head or face.

On the 13th Mercury moves into Capricorn again after a retro phase that ended on December 30, just before New Year's Eve. Everything gets busier, as the Cosmic Communicator is boosting business projects and sales, contacts with siblings, correspondence, educational meetings, neighbourhood activities, errands, or travel. It's all there. Information and ideas are flowing. Need a car? Or a computer, phone or other gizmo? Get it sorted out during this phase, which lasts all month, especially after the 18th.

A Full Moon on the 19th shines in romantic Cancer, boosting your personal magnetism and inspiring you to go more deeply into spiritual questions. Take delight in the world and the different people in it, Scorp. The more open you are to learning about different perspectives, the more you can grow as a person. Communicate with the world at large and drink up the variety! Good fortune will come your way under this Full Moon, as the Moon also forms a beautiful aspect to fortunate Jupiter in lucky Pisces. Maybe you'll be avidly pursued by a scrumptious foreigner..! The Sun steps forward on the 20th into Aquarius, testing your self-confidence and willpower. Success for the rest of the month may depend on your ability to withstand the demands of others, especially those in authority, at home or elsewhere. Situations may cause you to doubt that you are right, or that you will make it. It's time for a new start -- and you can and will be able to accomplish what you set out to do, but not without first overcoming frustration or discouragement. Disputes over family property are indicated. Family pride, however, is high and family bonds are strengthened. The support and advantage of family assets or connections increase your determination. You may be particularly busy living up to promises or commitments you have made, or that others have made for you.

On the 22nd Jupiter moves into Aries, bringing good fortune and an expansion of your responsibilities in the workplace in weeks ahead. Your work may require more travel, or further training. Your relationships with co-workers are expanded and you may need to hire help. Keep your sense of self-importance well in hand. Your interest concerning health and physical fitness may increase, and should you need to seek medical advice, excellent physicians or other professionals will be there to help you. The Moon dives into Scorpio, boosting your personality on the 26th, which is good because it's a very difficult day. Stern Saturn turns retrograde in Libra on the 26th, so two weeks either side of this date should be used to consider your alternatives with regard to hidden issues, sorrows and institutional concerns. Face your fears and worries; resolve issues from the past that continue to weaken your happiness and productivity, and deal responsibly with loss and disappointment. Get rid of destructive habits. You'll emerge better prepared to deal with the situation. A family member with a serious health or work related issue may call on you for help. One bright spot is that you may be rewarded for your sacrifices.

Information Overload

Communicative Mercury returned to direct motion in Sagittarius at the end of December, and is slowly moving forwards through the zodiac as the year begins. Any paperwork, writing, meetings, or discussions up to the 13th is likely to involve finances. Then Mercury moves into Capricorn again. From this date onwards, you will be busier than usual, and your increased efforts feature business projects (especially sales), contacts with siblings, correspondence, educational meetings, neighbourhood activities, errands, or travel. Information and ideas are flowing. Mercury leaves his shadow phase on the 18th, after which your time and attention may also be taken up with such concerns as cars and other vehicles, computers, or mechanical and electrical equipment for home or office. The 26th is not a good day, and it's hard know exactly what to do with the information, ideas, or methods you encounter as Saturn turns retro in your 12th house of secrets. You may be required to redo or complete a task you thought was finished. Eventually everything will get straightened out and you will have some progress to show for your efforts.

Luxury Items

Venus seems to have been in your sign for an age, thanks to a rare retro phase. Venus is not well-placed in Scorpio, the sign of her detriment, and during the first week is still focusing on the steamier side of life. Your personal magnetism and physical charm is enhanced. You have a visceral need for personal identification with beauty. This influence extends beyond the physical and social aspects of your own charms. You want to surround yourself with it. Control any tendency for self-indulgence, or overstating your own importance and pure animal magnetism, perhaps to the detriment of those who love to be with you. You can easily dominate the romantic scene, but don't turn the whole situation into an ego-fixation. Venus moves forward into Sagittarius on the 7th. Sagittarius is the sign on your second house of personal finances and values, so you may have a greater tendency to purchase luxury items this month. More money than usual is also apt to be spent on social or cultural events, as well as expenditures to enhance your appearance or the beauty of your environment. The issue of wealth connected with social status may arise in some form. Other considerations include joint income or the finances of a joint venture of one kind or another. Should financial matters be disrupted by disagreement you have to play the role of peacemaker, especially once Mars enters Aquarius on the 15th, but matters move forward at a good clip after the 18th, when Merc escapes his shadow phase, even though it's not an easy day, as your emotional being feels quite obstructed in the lead up to the Full Moon on Jan 19.

A New Start

Passionate Mars, your life-ruler, is exalted in Capricorn as the month begins. Travel and transportation are highlighted and so is the dissemination of ideas. You may develop new skills, such as creating a blog, or boosting your Facebook presence. Writing, design, artistic work geared toward business enterprises or a definite function are favoured, so long as they are not just a way of passing the time. Mars strides into Aquarius on the 15th, so many physical concerns involve your personal possessions, home or domestic arrangements, family relationships, family-owned property or business, and real-estate transactions in general. More enthusiasm for doing things as a group may see an increase in family activities, even rescuing or restoring heirlooms. It's ideal for a new beginning. If you have a new business venture in mind or need to achieve some physical goal, put your plans in motion. Make sure your household insurance is in effect, check your home for possible fire hazards. Watch your step to prevent falls, cuts, and other mishaps around the house, and go out of your way to avoid angry domestic scenes. Jupiter, Lord of Fortune, enters Aries, a Mars-ruled sign on the 22nd, so your work and daily responsibilities expand in weeks to come. Your work may require more travel, or advanced training. You may hire others to work for you at this time and your relationships with co-workers are expanded in one way or another. Keep your sense of self-importance well in hand. Your work is likely to be recognized and rewarded, but don't take your job (or any aspect of it) for granted. You may pick out a pet or focus more on pets, or the breeding of them. Don't take your health too much for granted. Should you need to seek medical care or advice, you may be fortunate in finding excellent physicians or other professionals to help you.

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