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Scorpio Monthly Horoscope For February 2012

Home and Family

The Sun in Aquarius lights up your 4th house of home and family, placing the focus right under your own roof.This is a good time to stay in more often… by paying attention to what is going on with both your family and physical dwelling, you will be better able to maintain a healthy household. The Leo Full Moon on February 7th may find you torn between situations at work and responsibilities at home. It can be very hard finding the balance between your public life and your private life, and it is important for you to keep your personal business out of the spotlight. The Pisces New Moon on February 21stheralds fun filled days as it activates your 5th house of pleasure and creativity. It’s time to fall in love, whether it is all over again with your mate, with someone new, or an idea that comes to you in a burst of inspiration.

Call Your Mother

Mercury lights up your 4th house of home and family for the first half of the month, helping you to understand those who share your roof on a higher level. This is also an opportunity to communicate with your parents or other family members who have had a hand in shaping your childhood experiences. After Feb. 14th, the Winged Messenger activates your 5th house of pleasure and creativity, giving you the artistic itch. This is a great time to write a love letter, as the right words will just come to you! Some of you may even experience psychic, intuitive experiences as mystical Neptune and communicative Mercury blend together. However, as Mercury and Mars face off around Feb. 23rd, there might be a rivalry between associates. Others may need to keep a close eye on children, who may be intimidated by members of a group.

Be Open

During the first week of February, Venus in your 5th house of love and pleasure inspires you. If there is someone special in your life, why not plan a Valentine’s Day surprise? After February 8th; Venus twinkles in your 6th house of health and service, helping you to make your life more beautiful. Bring plants (or flowers) into your home to make the air better to breathe. You may even want to consult a fengshui expert, or take an on-line tutorial. Spend the rest of the month finding ways to make your life more harmonious and healthful.

Saturn Retrograde

It seems like Saturn has been in Libra and your 12th house of karma and hidden matters for a long time and should be leaving, but that won’t happen any time soon due to the Great Task Master turning retrograde on Feb. 7th. This is a period of endings and of tying up loose strings, so be grateful for the extra time you’ll need to say goodbye or finish a job to the best of your abilities.Many of you may have responsibilities related to your work that require confidentiality or the need to work in secret. This is a good time to systematically uncover what has been hidden.

Neptune in Pisces

On February 3rd, Neptune enters dreamy Pisces and your 5th house of romance and creativity, heralding approximately 13 years of glamour, magic, and imagination! This can be a time of great inspiration, as the muses will be drawn closer to you. Some of you may also be blessed with children during this time, and they will be of the compassionate, spiritual sort. Love affairs can be of a higher order and perhaps even of the soul mate type. One thing to watch out for: You may also be tempted to follow routes of escapism more strongly! Addictions may flare and be hard to shake, so remember to keep good boundaries.

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