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Scorpio Monthly Horoscope For February, 2011

The glorious Sun and passionate Mars, your life-ruler, are in your house of domestic business at the beginning of the month, dear Scorpio, so the highlights will be on the household and familial bonds. Some of you will add a romantic touch to your residential environments; prepare to initiate a small workshop to repair a section of your home or to adjust it for new domestic conditions. So why don’t you start the work on the day of the New Moon? Yes, a New Moon will be born in Aquarius, your sector of domestic circumstances and new beginnings on the third of January.

Lazy Scorpios will be subject to parental pressure or pressure coming from an authoritative figure (teacher, boss, etc.) while the planets are passing through Aquarius, this month. Idleness and nonchalance are not permitted now that Jupiter has changed signs! Delivery of hard work is now mandatory. For more on the effect of Jupiter, Saturn and the outer planets, please visit our page of annual forecasts.

The New Moon, where the Sun is conjunct the Moon, will continue around the zodiac until it stands opposite the Sun to form a Full Moon in ambitious, dramatic Leo on Feb 18. It will shed its reflected light over your house of career. If you have some unanswered questions concerning your responsibilities at work, then you should know the answers around the 18th of February. Then we see the Sun’s arrival in your house of pleasures on the 19th. The other planets will follow over the next few days. So you can expect some relaxation towards the end of the month.


Mercury remains in your house of communication for the first few days of February before moving into your house of domestic affairs. Be ready to get busy working indoors (in private) and outdoors (by communicating with the outside world) this month. Scorpios around the world will play a key role in resolving conflicts between quarrelling parties this year. If not directly involved, you will indirectly resolve these conflicts by providing assistance to those in charge of finding solutions. On the 22nd, the Messenger of the Zodiac will enter Pisces, your house of entertaining activities, dear Scorpio. So why don’t you take some time off to chill out? Some of you will find the time to exercise, or practice your favorite hobby (or sport!) by the end of the month.

A Vehicle, or a Phone?

Luxurious Venus was in your house of income for most of January. The goddess of desire encouraged you to spend some of your capital on anything that involved beauty or pleasure, but on the 4th of February, Venus logs into your house of communication, finally bringing success to your communicative skills. You will finally find a listening ear. If you have made good money or at least recuperated a lost income in January, then this month you will consider buying or upgrading communications gear, or transportation. What will it be, a vehicle or a phone?

Domestic Affairs

Mars conjunct the Sun in your house of domestic affairs signifies important events in that sector of your life. Scorpio politicians need to be actively working for their country! The rest of the Scorpion breed will probably be hard at work improving their residences, as you can use this energy to complete all pending work at home. Mars is not a benevolent energy if you can’t deal with a fiery temper (yours or anybody else’s), so as a result you need to avoid any clashes (verbal or physical) with any of your family members. And since more than three planets will be in your domestic zone from the 3rd to the 19th, it could be that you will receive guests, or that your house will be crowded with people for one reason or the other. Mars will move into your house of risk-taking on the 23rd, so why don’t you buy yourself a lottery ticket to test your luck?

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