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Scorpio Monthly Horoscope For August, 2011

Career Focus

In August, two planets occupy your house of career and public image, the Sun and Venus. Are you looking for a new job? For many of you the eclipse on the 1st of July stimulated travel. If you're travelling to another country, you might also be looking for a job there. The Sun and Venus in conjunction will provide a couple of good chances for you to catch one.

Mercury turns retrograde in your house of friendships, remaining there for the first eight days of the month, then moves back into your house of career once again. It seems that you will receive some information from a friend or two on how to find a job and then work on the new information to improve your chances.

During this month, all three planets (Mercury, Venus and the Sun) will oppose Neptune in your fourth house of the home and family. And so your career opportunities will pull you in one direction, while compassion or nostalgia will try to hold you back. What will you do?
You are likely to sense that most strongly around the Full Moon of the 13th. Are you leaving your dear ones behind? Well, the planets keep on moving and the first to exit your house of career and VIPs is Venus. Venus enters healing Virgo, your house of friendships, on the 21st, followed two days later by the Sun. They both leave Mercury still retrograding in your tenth house of career. You will soon be meeting old or new friends (or your extended family), and spending great times with them, but you will still be thinking and talking about your career.
Not too long after that (on the 26th), Mercury regains his forward motion, indicating that you have finally gathered the correct information to aid your professional or social plans. It is now time to move forward. Good luck!

On the 29th, a New Moon is born in your house of friendships, implying that you will enjoy the month ahead!

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury turns retrograde in your eleventh house of career benefits on the 3rd and enters your house of social status on the 8th. If you're looking for a job, then you might be told to change something about your resume or the way you're doing it, for example. So expect some delays while you're learning how to advance yourself in the job market. Moreover, if you were offered a job or a promotion, then weigh your pros and cons before signing the contract. There might be a thing or two that you've overlooked. Mercury resumes forward motion on the 26th.

A Raise?

Venus is in your house of career and VIPs until the 21st. She is actually squaring your natal Sun, but that on its own need not be scary or alarming. However, since she is conjunct the Sun, there might be a few difficulties for you to work around. For example, you could fall foul of the authority of one or both of your parents this month, or any other powerful figure. On the good side of things, you could be offered a raise or a promotion -- or you might ask for one yourself.

Venus steps into your eleventh house of friendship on the 21st. Awesome! Venus brings bliss wherever she goes anyway. After the 21st, you can rely on your group of friends for fun, love and happiness!

Travel Plans

Mars enters your house of travel on the 4th. Did you pack? Are you ready for travel? What are you waiting for? Did you book your tickets yet? Are all your papers in order? Mars will now push your travel plans forward. He will urge you to make those necessary trips this month, especially if you have been postponing them for one reason or another and specifically when he steps over the point of the eclipse of the 1st of July. The ninth house also rules cultural studies and post graduate studies of law, ethics, religion, etc. So expect these studies to get your attention so you can roll them forward this month. Remember that Mercury is retrograde, so be sure to get your itinerary correct, and keep a firm eye on those tickets!

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