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Scorpio Monthly Horoscope For April, 2011

Peak Events

As expected dear Scorpio, you’ve been very busy. Ever since Jupiter entered your house of work and health in January 2011, you’ve been swamped with errands to run and tasks to complete. How much can you take? Are you ready to handle a bit more? Ready or not here it comes…

April represents the peak of events for all signs -- and evidently the whole world! To you, it represents a time of constant and relentless activity; perhaps it bears more chores than you can manage to execute. Jupiter, Mercury, the Sun, Mars, Uranus, occasionally the Moon, and eventually Venus are all crowding Aries, your work and health sector. The picture looks like a reception party for the ancient Roman Gods, with the only deities unable to attend being Neptune, Pluto and Saturn. The Moon will join the gathering at the lunation on the 3rd to make an announcement of your plans. All the attendees will bless your new projects, except Mercury who will ask you to be prudent at all times.

Two days after, The Moon exits your house of work to travel around the sky, and on the 17th, it will reach the opposite sector to join Saturn in Libra, your house of seclusion. This might lower your morale a bit or give you the false impression that you have been left all alone to do all the work by yourself. Then the Full Moon comes in Libra on the 18th. How much more concealed hostility do we need..?

No worries, because just when you are about to give up entirely, the zodiac decides to remove the chains that have been holding the advancements! On the 21st, the Sun steps out of your sixth house, the zone of work and health; Venus steps in, and Mercury wins back its forward momentum. After this date, your work should run smoothly again. It will gradually turn from futile to fruitful and from painful to pleasant. But the Sun’s entry into your house of the significant other on the 21st will put you under a different kind of pressure, coming from your life or business partner. However, since the Sun is there alone, the pressure will be manageable and unthreatening.

Mercury Retrograde

Chatty Mercury remains travelling backwards for the first 23 days in your house of health this month. So, yes, you should take care of your health. Don’t overdo it, especially at work. Take small breaks as often as possible. Don’t push yourself, as physical setbacks may arise at any time while Mercury is retrograding. Work-wise, there may be delays, mistakes or a change of plans. Anticipate this and remain patient. Check your paperwork before submitting it and be careful when driving. If taking new medication, make sure you're taking what is specific to your medical condition. Read the instructions and the side effects. Mercury switches back to forward motion on the 23rd of April. Decisions are favoured after that date, not before.

Your Favourite Hobby...

Gracious Venus is strolling behind the pack in Pisces, your fifth house of pleasures, as the month begins. Let’s hope this will help you find love and peace during a very hectic period. Venus in this house sets out to break the daily routine of your job (or whatever it is you’re busy doing now) by introducing entertainment. Release the stress by taking on something you really enjoy. Practice your favorite hobby. Express yourself anyway you see fit. Relax, chill out, or go out and party. If you'd like to put a little more romance in your life, this is the time to try it!

Venus reaches your house of work and health on the 21st, a crucial time if you ask me. This passage will finally bring fruition to your excessive and repetitive work. If you have been suffering an ailment, then your body will finally begin to respond to treatment.

Fury of Work

Mars, your life-ruler, enters Aries on the 2nd, so is in your house of work and health all month long. The Warrior Planet's job there in the sixth house is to excite you into a fury of work. So you’ll want to complete your list of tasks today and you’ll insist on finishing them quicker than usual, as there is a lot to do!

Unfortunately that isn’t likely to happen while Mercury is retrograding, something which could frustrate you or make you angry. So watch for accidents due to haste, especially if you’re working with sharp or fiery tools. Protect your face. Your work will take off, thanks to the propelling energy of Mars, once Venus also enters your sixth house and Mercury regains his forward momentum.

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