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Pisces Monthly Horoscope For April 2014

Finances and Values

The Aries Sun moving through your 2nd house until the 20th of April draws your attention to monetary values, which are undergoing change. Your thoughts are on entertaining and enjoying the good things in life with your material possessions, acquisitions, and gaining a sense of freedom. With Uranus also in Aries, spending in excess is in the wind, as finances are likely to be erratic whether in loss or gain, so you need to be prepared for flexibility and changing earning capabilities.
Vyapaar Vridhdhi Kawach

Your ideas on values and responsibilities may alter, as your views undergo change. Unexpected money through speculation or a windfall, inheritance, or partner, are possible, but not reliable. With the Full Moon and total Lunar Eclipse on the 15th in Libra, awakens your 8th house. Your intuition will be strong, as will your love and affection. You want to pour out all that sexuality, but make sure others are in a similar mood, or they may find it a touch overwhelming.

From 21st April, the Sun moves into Taurus, your 3rd house, where you will enjoy relations with siblings. You will be able to express yourself through creative writing, speech, artistic themes, or music skills. Apart from expressing your interests, take the time to listen to sound advice. Short trips and being out and about are favourable.

Discussing Resources

Mercury will move out of Pisces into Aries, remaining there from the 8th to the 23rd. From a quieter state of mind to activity, you engage in quick wit, and further discussing resources in your current fluctuations. Discussions are emphasised, but accompanied by some resistance during the 15th-16th April as Mercury conjuncts Uranus. Talks could be engaging, with volatile reactions regarding other people’s resources. After the 24th, Mercury will move into Taurus, where you will be able to gain more positive interaction.

Affection, Beauty, Romance

Venus will take pride in moving into Pisces on the 6th, bestowing affection, beauty, love, romance, balance, a responsive attitude, and refinement. Your manner of expressing yourself will take on warmth and social benefit. Attracting potential lovers with your flirtatious mood may unfold around the 11th to 13th April, when Venus conjoins Neptune. Those born in the earlier part of Pisces may feel this compelling energy much sooner. Music, social outings, good living and amusement are highlighted. Try to keep a level head, as you could easily be caught up in daydreams.

Altered State

Mars retrogrades through Libra, your 8th house, triggering a need to find an altered state of mind, circumstances and life, as you refine deep ego-drives. Your sexuality, and lustfulness will be strong, together with your driving charm. Matters to do with possessions, or partnership money may lead to disagreements, as may property, values, and spending money foolishly. Who, you..? All this may lead to conflict, as disagreements is in the stars during 15th-16th April and 21st -24th April. Try and keep your impulsiveness under control.

Joy and Confidence

Expansive Jupiter exalted in sweet Cancer starts moving forward through your 5th house this month. Your interests will be favoured, as joviality and confidence abound in your area of creative activities, romance, speculation and entertainment. More money is possible via artistic and creative fields. Opportunity also presents itself in personal growth, self-expression, and a greater awareness of your capabilities. Love relationships will also benefit; people through foreign or ethnic backgrounds will broaden your outlook and experiences.

Saturn Retrograde in Scorpio reviews your learning curve, as the main focus has been on practical regrowth and higher consciousness. You expand your knowledge by philosophizing and study in the structure of wisdom. Rigid thinking has held you back, although still on a learning curve, but adjustments will be made as Saturn has held you steady for the past few months. Remain open to lessons and what is achievable and what is not, at least for the moment.

Over the next few years, Neptune will continue to move through Pisces, so subtle changes in your outlook will take place. These changes may be confusing to others as they see you in a different light, not knowing who you really are or who you want to become as you project a persona of who you would like to be, rather than who you are deep down. Your compassionate soul, genuinely helping those in need, will shine.

The New Moon on the 29th April comes in Taurus, so expressing your emotions, dealings with women, and feeling emotional security will come through the value of monetary comforts. Get your feelings down in a blog, or in writing, for this is the time for self-expression, dear Pisces.

Predicted By : Suzanna Sizzle Sky

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