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Cancer Monthly Horoscope For April 2014

Professional Focus

The fiery Aries Sun moves through your 10th house until the 20th April, bringing your profession under focus and awakening possible changes to your current career status, as Uranus gives you insights to other unconventional, even rebellious, avenues of your normality. Flexibility in your activities as exciting as they may be, also create restrictions as you want to break free and follow unorthodox ways to curb this urge for freedom and impulsiveness. Try to be rational in your choices as all this nervous energy is apt for accidents waiting to happen. However, you will want to show the world your importance by being successful in your chosen field.
Vyapaar Vridhdhi Kawach

A Full Moon is always potent for the Moon-ruled, and this month a total Lunar Eclipse in Libra on the 15th highlights activity around the home, redecorating and family gatherings. A parent may be in the picture, which also marks the beginning (and ending) of a relationship. Your domestic situation may call for some turnaround, as you undergo changes. Emotions will be heightened as family members demand more of your attention.

From 21 April, when the Sun moves into Taurus, your objectives will focus on associates, group activity, emphasising new innovations and service to others. Your influential friends are likely to assist you with diversified methods as you attract success in areas of finance, property, and material possessions.

Be Mindful

Mercury will be in Aries from 8th April to 23rd April. Be mindful that during 15th-16th April, strongly voiced opinions will hurt as Mercury conjuncts Uranus. Moving on from your expressions of philosophy, religion, law and higher education, gentries have changed as your ambitions, profession, status, aspirations and ego are expressed. Sudden shifts of viewpoints are also sounded as your wit and inventiveness shines. Mental stimulation with stimulating ideas are urgent as you broadcast your ideas.

Mercury moves into Taurus from the 24th, when your focus changes to friends, hopes and wishes. Outings, love, associations and groups will also be the subject of conversations and paperwork. Information may be received regarding situations are beyond your control. Don’t jump to any conclusions until you have had time to review situations.

Avenues of Compassion

On the 6th, Venus dances into the charming sign of Pisces and into your 9th house. Plans for a long trip, advanced studies, or meeting people with foreign connections will come under light. Music and artistic endeavours blossom, as you explore avenues of compassion. Open to love and romance, you relate well to nature and animals and assist others in expressing their creativity by imparting your wisdom. You have a mission to complete.

Mind Your Mood

Mars retrograde through Libra in your 4th house accentuates your domestic relations. Moodiness could interfere with family matters as you try and establish a balance between your home life and your profession. If you suppress your energies, health issues to do with your stomach could occur. This transit offers refinement on the home front, dealings with family, and a need for attending to matters outstanding.

Exuberant Urge

The cosmic focus is on your outlook on life, as Jupiter in Cancer transits your 1st house of personality. An urge for action overtakes you. Exuberant and optimistic, you have enough vitality to conquer Mt. Everest. Your sense of humour is engaging, as you enjoy attracting the company of friends, and entertaining around the home. Note that from the 15th and 16th and the 21st to 24th April, are dates when your situation may fluctuate with unplanned setbacks in your profession, ambitions and goals. Changes are not favourable and may occur without your control.

A Note of Seriousness

Saturn Retrograde in Scorpio means that your level of creativity, fun and love, along with relationships with children, speculations and overall pleasure, will undergo a note of seriousness. You'll need to adjust to your current restrictions as you review the events of the past few months. Attractions to more mature folk as their guidance and uplifting spirits settles that curb of insecurity as you concentrate on repairing what is broken, if repairable at all. On the other hand don’t fix something that is not broken. Existing relationships may end or become stronger as permanence is on offer to those that seek it.

Uranus in Aries brings changing fortunes as you rebel against authority, gaining insight into other areas of interest. Challenges to your position may undergo sudden change as the cosmos bowls a few balls your way. No time to crash and burn, as energies will negate other avenues during this transit. Unconventionality will dictate the effects of these Uranian energies. Revolting against conventional methods may take its toll.

The Cosmic Cross awakens tension from the 21st – 24th April, that excess energy needs to be curbed. Home, family, comforts, beginnings and endings, reputation, professionalism, status, and ego are under pressure. Partnerships, breakups, open enemies, and your outlook on life, will be under scrutiny. Take a few long breaths and don’t act hastily. Any outstanding issues are likely to come to a head at this time.

Then the New Moon on the 29th will be in Taurus. Friends will be comforting, and your hopes and wishes will bring renewed love.

Predicted By : Suzanna Sizzle Sky

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