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Aquarius Monthly Horoscope For September 2013

Practical and On Point

The Virgo Sun and Mercury are scrutinising your 8th house of sex, death, and rebirth this month, urging you to go deep. The Virgo New Moon on September 5th is a great time to make a new start in life, and some of you may benefit from an unexpected financial windfall that helps you along. Mercury in conjunction is exalted in Virgo, so your mind is clear and logical, adding eloquence to your words, although the atmosphere can be quite sharp and analytical. Keep your conclusions practical and to the point.

Warrior Mars clashes with your life-ruler, Saturn, on the 9th, just as Mercury heads into Libra, a much more pleasant position for you. Mars sets out to break up the restrictions and limitations imposed on your career and public life by the rigidity of Saturn. Problems with senior figures and with the public should be resolved in a way that does not threaten tradition and cultural mores, but still gives you some wiggle room. Venus moving into Scorpio on the 11th shines a much more pleasant light on the situation. You can create your own opportunities and a chance encounter may lead to a position of leadership, heightened social status, or some other personal success.

The Full Moon in Pisces on September 19th also bodes well for business as it activates your 2nd house of money and how you make it. Your hard work may be about to pay off!

You'll be ready for a change of scenery once the Sun enters lovely Libra and your 9th house of travel and adventure at the Equinox, urging you to broaden your horizons. Even something as simple as trying a new dish at your favorite restaurant will help you break out of a rut. Be open to the new and different.

The Cosmic Window

Mercury begins the month in fine form in Virgo, your 8th house of sex, death, and taxes, making it easier to predict what moves others will make. With your life-ruler Saturn creating issues in your 10th house of career and public reputation this year, it is important to understand the needs and motives of others! Now is the time to listen to what is said and what goes unsaid.

On the 9th, the Winged Messenger flies into pleasure-loving Libra, your 9th house of higher learning, religion, and travel. Take some time to consider what your beliefs and opinions are, and why. The cosmic window opens on long distance travel, international business or diplomatic endeavours, and on cultural events. Court decisions may affect you, and higher education or training, study or use of foreign languages, religious or political interests will be on your agenda for the rest of the month. Publishing, promotions, or advertising come forward too. Circumstances may require correspondence or discussions concerning a second marriage, in-laws, or a relatives health or job.

At Michaelmas on the 29th, Mercury slides into Scorpio, stimulating your public life and what you want to say about social conditions for many weeks ahead, thanks to a retro phase that begins next month. Keep your wits about you, Aquarius and don't be misled by passionate advocates of controversial views.

All Eyes On You

Venus, the fun-loving love goddess, spends the first ten days of the month relaxing in Libra and your 9th house of philosophy, travel and cultural pursuits, making you more successful when stating your case. You'll find it easier to get along with relatives at a distance (including in-laws) with Venus casting her sweet spell. If you are single and traveling, you might fall in love with an intriguing stranger!

On September 11th, Venus enters steamy Scorpio and your 10th house of career and public reputation, further ensuring your popularity. The Powers That Be will smile upon you, so don't be afraid to ask for a raise or promotion. The cosmic spotlight shines on your best points, whether beauty, talent, or personal charm. Don't wait for others to notice you (even though they may); take every opportunity you can to be in their direct line of vision. If you have it, flaunt it. It's the ideal time for encouraging relationships and socializing with older family members, superiors and authority figures. All eyes are on you!

Be Prepared

Fiery Mars spends the month in dramatic Leo, your 7th house of marriage, partnerships and open enmity, increasing the tension between you and your most significant other. If you don't have something you can work on constructively together, the tendency will be to squabble and compete against each other. You may encounter ego-bruising opposition to your actions this month. What success you gain is likely to be accompanied by a loss of integrity. The opinions, and actions of others are unlikely to support your leadership, and may directly challenge it.

Male relationships may be strained at this time, especially on the 9th -- possibly by anger or too much competitiveness. With all the action in Scorpio this month it will be hard to keep a low profile, but don't allow your ego to get the better of you. Avoid being in the sun too long and activities that put a strain on your heart or spine or that can result in injuries to your head or face. Be prepared for a challenge or two.

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