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Virgo Career Monthly Horoscope For September 2013

1st September - 7th September -

Hi, Virgos!!This will be generally a progressive phase and keep you in an exalted mood. This is an excellent period for all kinds of relationships- personal and professional. You will meet new people and old friends and make plan to collaborate in a new business. Those working in Arts, journalism and advertisement etc fields will have swell time. With your talents and abilities you will draw people towards you. On 5th and 6th beware of obsession of any kind- love or towards money, rather take care of your health. New Moon in your sign will prove auspicious and increase your popularity.

8th September - 14th September -

The week begins with a happy note and you will continue to progress. Venus in Libra will give you craving for sumptuous food, party and entertainment activities. You may invest in property/land/vehicle. You will either alter your line of working or get promotion. You may participate in group activities and establish new contacts with far off people in interest of your business. Your income will rise considerable and happy good messages will make you please. You will work efficiently on different fronts giving you recognition and popularity. If you keep aside your arrogance you will learn and earn a lot and surmount many roadblocks which are likely appear by week end.

15th September - 22nd September -

Between 15th and 16th Moon rising in Capricorn sign will add extra benefits in your kitty. Sun in your sign will give you confidence and grandeur to finish the unfinished task. You must fully exploit this favorable period. Students shall do well and can achieve desired success with their little more efforts. New professional contracts signed around full Moon period that may expand your trade tremendously. If you have plans of buying property, you may go ahead. This is also an excellent time to embark on new projects or conclude any kind of transaction. Favor of seniors will give boost to your career.

23rd September - 30th September -

Some tit bits may raise their head and make you tensed. Be careful in export and import business as there are chances of cheating. You have to make a balance between personal and professional works to increase your efficiency. On 24th and 25th your plans and dreams may take real form. You achieve harmony in relation and works. Success in interview, exams is likely. Your talents will be duly recognized. Your negotiation skills will take you far ahead in career. This is a period of promotion, political success and long term profits in project. If you stand in election, the chances of winning are high. Month concludes with huge financial gains in your kitty.

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Prediction By : Tarot Expert Sanjana Mittal

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