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Taurus Career Monthly Horoscope For February 2014

1st February to 7th February

The planetary position looks promising, as Mercury in your career house will make you very efficient and capable person. You as a good conversant discuss the matter more diligently and turn situation in your favor. The beginning of the week is the good time to make strategies as well as execute the one you have already planned. The long term view looks quite positive in this period, you gain both financially and reputation will increase. Be realistic, towards the end of the week, Mars transit in sixth house may make you aggrieved if you are not able to chase down all your dreams.

8th February to 14th February

Moon’s transit will be very rewarding in this week, and you gain confidence and positive mindset will motivate you to do the right thing. The stay of Venus in your eighth house could bring enhanced interest in culture, in research, professional specializations or in furthering the study of a domain you have passion for, but it could also foreshadow good distance-collaboration, a scholarship or a job abroad. Sun transits in your career house on 12th there may be good news of promotion or your status shall enhance.

15th February to 22nd February

Those in politics, media and finance sector should be careful, as Mercury planet of communication and speech is retrograde and could harm your prestige. Don’t pursue glory and prestige. If you make a major presentation to a group of clients and are awaiting word back during this phase, it may take an inordinately long time to get final approvals. Mars in your sixth house will make you very busy with projects. If you are self-employed and hope to pick up lucrative clients for your business, you can do that quite easily and you will not likely run out of assignments.

23rd February to 28th February

23rdwill be good for partnership and doing business efficiently. 24th 25th you feel little irritated as the projects that you are working on will proceed slowly. 26th 27th will be good; destiny will favor you at this time. There will be speedy development in all your works/assignments. Your sign lord Venus in ninth house, and wealth lord Mercury gets direct gives you wisdom, & intelligence to take right decisions. People will admire your work; politicians will feel at ease, after a long time you may start to move forward with your plans in life. However, you really need do have everything you need to succeed in any area of life you choose.

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Prediction By : Tarot Expert Sanjana Mittal

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