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Scorpio Career Monthly Horoscope For May 2013

1 May - 7 May-

You must have a bit of patience, some problems might be felt, as planetary combination in your sixth house, Mars is expecting your sign and fiery planet Sun is in opposition to Rahu. You need patience, endurance, and fortitude generously. Along with ambition and perseverance you must understand the value of money. Great planning and thought is put with funds, loans, debts, investment, buying and selling while dealing all these financial issues. The week is good for students they can focus in studies. Unexpected hike in salary will give you surprise.

8 May - 15 May -

The energy of the last week continues in this week as well adding some charm in your personal life. Venus moves in your partnership house, you feel passionate about your profession. Mutual understanding with the colleagues and partners will increase. Learn to enjoy your work. New Moon in Taurus sign will boost up your confidence. You feel this is the best time to secure your family. The focus is clearly on finance and its management. Sun joins Venus and Jupiter and Mercury by end of the week, making you more aspiring and ambitious.

16 May - 22 May-

There may be a long holiday with the family and there is a possibility of travel abroad. There could be a marriage or extension in the family that will keep you busy. You may plan for a pilgrimage too. Your network will increase. Lots of activities is seen on work front as four planets opposing your sign, there is a lot of positivity since Venus has joined its sign in Taurus your house of partnership and alliances, which also means that brings some profitable deals . Time is not appropriate to try your luck in speculative ventures.

23 May -30 May-

In this concluding week of the month, Scorpios will be very confident. Full Moon falls in your sign and your passions are ignited. Your physical drive and energy level are high. You have got big plans up your sleeves. There is expansion and several other opportunities. You know that it is time to make your work more lucrative. You should be careful of over exertion and doing too much of good thing. The temptations are too great but it may all just back fire if you don’t exert some discipline. Mercury, Venus and Jupiter will move in your eighth house by end of the month.

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Prediction By : Tarot Expert Sanjana Mittal

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