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Scorpio Career Monthly Horoscope For March 2014

1st March-7th March

Temptations are all around you and they threaten you to pull you back from good decision that you have already made, retrograde Mars & Saturn might trouble you. Your professional life needs the right balance. However, it'll be about some special effort with current tasks, about stress, overload, emergencies or crisis situations, maybe even conflicts in the environment you work in. Different energies are at play at work and you are ready to face all them with confidence. Electronic, computer, automobile fields need to be extra careful. Do not use strong tactics.

8th March- 14th March

It might be a difficult period for Scorpios, in which it will be very important for you to plan your activities carefully and try not to overdo it. If you can, you'd better delegate part of responsibilities. For students it is a good week. An adventure camp with adrenaline pumping activities will make you to put your physical strength to test. Unexpected short trips and conversations with new people will make this an interesting week. Written correspondence shall bring special gains. Some data and new information will click you and you find some bright chances to grow in your career.

15th March- 22th march

With change in planetary position in this week, Scorpio people will gain more confidence. Full Moon time probably you get the right answer about yourself, your potentials and your place in the world. This can be wonderfully productive period because you have strong urge to make improvements and introduce reform in your job or professional life. Some of you may get a rewarding opportunity in your career you had dreamt for. It is not the time to attack in anger or initiate new ideas but to respond to what comes your way.

23rd March- 31st March

Your actions will receive support from seniors as well as co- workers around you. Your career direction gets some encouragement and now your life problems should find easy solutions. Support of partners and close friends in business will prove beneficial. New contacts and relations made in this period will be profitable too. Those who are in sales and marketing will have a wonderful opportunity to boost their earnings this week, so be aware of this and make most of it. Drive carefully and patiently.

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Prediction By : Tarot Expert Sanjana Mittal

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