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Libra Career Monthly Horoscope For November 2013

1st November - 7th November -

Rivalry, competition, conspiracy might be faced in the beginning of the month. Sun, Saturn, Rahu, Moon and Mercury together in your sign create such situation. There will be many purchases and expenses will mount. But you will manage to get over the situation. 4th & 5th you will feel cool and collected. Constructive ideas in your profession will bear fruits for you. You may consult with an adviser too for better performance and results. As you want to make all your dreams ambitions come true. Between 6th and 7th sudden gains will delight you. You may have to travel. Interests in artistic pursuits will increase. Those in arts sector dance, drama and, media will do well.

8th November - 14th November -

The week may start with some mental worries. 8th 9th domestic and professional tiffs are likely. 10th 11th there may be some changes taking place which will occupy your most of the time. Monetary gains are expected. Friends will be supportive. Promotion or a raise is likely for those who are in job. The primary focus will be on relationships, bonding, ties of love and affection. There will also be a lot of entertaining much of it will be official and you gain from it. Senior person’s health may get you worry too. Between 12th and 13th things will improve and your flexible nature will solve most of your problems. This is a week of many pleasures and you feel enriched.

15th November - 22nd November -

Librans!!! Moon aspects your sign, you feel elated. Love beauty and aesthetic surroundings will attract you more; this will be the time when you want all comforts around you. You will focus on your personality, spa, and beauty treatments. You want to enjoy rest and relaxation. Sun moves in Scorpio. Between 16th 17th you will get pleasant results. You may have close contact with VIP who may get you a big deal. Between 18th and 20th you will find it difficult to strike balance between your domestic & professional responsibilities. Be careful in export & import deals as you could be cheated. 21st 22nd your professional gains are likely. For hard working students there will be realization of their goals.

23rd November - 30th November -

Mon in career house makes Students focus in their studies and career and bring about the needed change at their work place. New proposals will help you to expand your business. Between 25th and 27th you may try to realize your dreams and fulfill your wishes. There will be marriage in the family and friend circle and you have to attend it. Those in the creative fields will be honored for their outstanding contributions. 28th 29th there will be confusion and rebellious mood, disturbance at work place will keep you tense. On 30th you would like to improve and streamline your efforts. You will be in jovial mood. You make contacts with a VIP to serve your ends.

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Prediction By : Tarot Expert Sanjana Mittal

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