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Leo Career Monthly Horoscope For April 2014

Saraswati Kawach

1st April - 7th April -

Venusians aspects on your sign bode well for you. Your personal charm and dignity increases. Others are affected by your presence and are attracted to you, though you may be disappointed by the pace of work in this period. The results will not be to your liking as secret enemies will be at work. Those in business are likely to suffer losses due to mischief of others. Planetary combinations with Mercury & Sun, occurring in your eighth house create mental tension and health problem too. Politicians and high officials should take care not to get too indulgent and try to bring about some discipline into their life. The right diet, work out can work its magic..

8th April - 14th April-

wait a few more days before making any final decisions as five planets in your eighth house could make your energy low and quickly annoyed if anyone is limiting your ability. Rather than pretending that everything is fine a creative approach can be useful on 8th and 9th. There is restructuring and progress in all your endeavors around mid week with Moon moving in your sign. You are geared up to take on new challenges and filled with enthusiasm and zeal. You are energetic and confident now. On 13th & 14th financial gains will make you please, property related issues might get solved after difficulties. Your sign lord is exalted promising you success and progress in whatever you do.

15th April - 22nd April -

You can now highlight your talent of a leader and coordinator, the synthesizing vision, the spirit of initiative. You can mediate difficult situations and can win without competing, but benefiting from others' participation. Destiny shall favor you at this time, if you take the middle path and not get arrogant, as this is the time of restlessness, you want to do big things and feel that you are not being given opportunity. Your success may breed enemies too. Sun has aspect of Saturn and Rahu, any out of way endeavor could malign your image in the society. So with little care and restraint you can convert this into an excellent period .You can be very successful professionally. There is sustained growth and many fruitful contacts made.

23rd April - 30th April -

Leo's career will advance. For now, the interest seems to go especially towards studies or specializations, towards activities that are related to culture, editing or publishing, even towards judicial or legislative preoccupations. Distance-collaboration could be an option. You strive to improve your skills, knowledge, wisdom, and acquire new techniques. The life of the intellect, leaders, engineers, artists will hold promise and excitement. Venus is exalted and Mercury transits in Aries. This is also the time for social networking as near and dear ones from the different places, and abroad will connect you and admire your efforts. By end of the month, you feel happy by accomplishment of some important work.
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