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Gemini Career Monthly Horoscope For March 2013

1st March -7th March

The position of four planets in your destiny house is very good giving you an extra edge in all matters personal or professional. Your luck shall favor you in this week. The unexpected may happen. Your creativity, focus, sincerity will pay you rich dividends. A religious travel with the family may take place. Mars going in Pisces in mid week will give you abundant energy. You are susceptible to mood swings, and panic a lot, but this is the time to utilize your energies, improve your performance, and put some extra efforts to win the applause.

8th March - 14th March

Sign Lord Mercury being retrograde could make you under confident in the beginning of the week. You may miss several opportunities coming on the way. Discipline yourself slowly you will start climbing the ladder to success. Interest in spiritualism will continue to overpower you in this week too. Meditation, reading spiritual text, holy bath and pilgrimage will take most of your time. An auspicious ceremony could be organized at home.

15th March - 22th march

This week Sun joins Mars in your career house, you feel pride, and head high, some accomplishments certainly will be achieved. Two fiery planets together in your Karma house will infuse a new source of energy in you. There will be improvement in knowledge and life skills. Innovative projects and research work come on the way.Students in the fields of bio technology, electrical energy, media, and journalism will have solid platform to show their skills.

23rdMarch - 31st March

Well!!! There are financial gains, new source of income could be created, investments, and good amount of entertainment is indicated in last week of the month. You know how to negotiate with business partners. It is time to remind yourself how precious you are, and how much caliber you have. Around Full Moon day, you can make a property deal, buy a new house/or vehicle. Some of you may get busy with construction/decoration in the house/office.

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Prediction By : Tarot Expert Sanjana Mittal

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