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Capricorn Career Monthly Horoscope For May 2013

1 May - 7 May-

Moon is in your sign; this is a phase promising peace and contentment. Though you won’t have a single minute to spare- family, home, projects, loans, funds and finances will take your time but you handle all the challenges with care as well as flair. The positive energy will be felt throughout this period. Mercury aspects your destiny house, this could open the door to a travel opportunity and the chance to widen your intellectual interests. You make new contacts and connections for your benefits.

8 May - 15 May -

Venus and Jupiter and new Moon are in Taurus, your fifth house is activated and so is fourth house with Sun, Mars, Ketu and later with Mercury. Brilliant ideas will catch your fancy and you don’t know where to stop. You continue to be busy and gainfully employed in several activities. There is tremendous joy from children and the love and support from your family will really help. End week may not be as productive as you thought off. There could be expenses and also a certain experience of loneliness.

16 May - 22 May-

Sun transits in fifth house gives shine to other planets already there. There is a need to differentiate between fantasy and reality. People around you will be friendly. Social gatherings, ceremonies, conferences, and get together will make you busy. You will be successful at interviews, examinations, and in your bonding with the people. Go ahead and start thinking about putting a new idea into action. You need to spend time reevaluating your finances and bank balance at this time.

23 May -30 May-

Full moon falls in your gain house, and it shows new influences in your life. Your self confidence and energy level are sky high. You have quality bonding with the people you love. You grow personally and professionally both ways. You will intimate new projects; business plans exciting and novel ventures. There is travel and other profitable dealings too. Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus will shift from fifth house to sixth house by end of month. It is important for you to step back and take stock, see how your plans are going.

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Prediction By : Tarot Expert Sanjana Mittal

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