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Cancer Career Monthly Horoscope For February 2014

1st February to 7th February

The first two days, some negative energy might be felt as Moon in your eighth house creates mental tension. Sun in your seventh house gives you confidence to deal with the challenges. Mars transits in fourth house giving you edge to deal in property and real estates. Here Saturn, Rahu & Mars combine together and misguide you. Be cautious in dealing property this period. Saturn can be interested in traditional jobs or boring work, repetitive, done in confined spaces. And will want you full of patience, perseverance and reliability. As the week progresses you’ll do good team work and you'll find people to join you quite easily.

8th February to 14th February

You can count on creativity and inspiration in this week; you can promote your business, image, and aptitudes. 10th and 11th you should be cautious of your rivals and competitors. Full Moon in your sign will be a favorable period for broadening the horizon, for studies and for contacts with high officials/foreign people or with people at a distance. Money should not be a troublesome topic as Mars aspects your house of career can contribute to making some remarkable progress, but for this you'll need to be continuously effervescent and keep reinventing yourself.

15th February to 22nd February

In this period money earning will be good. In mid week 17th 18th and 19th Moon will be in your fourth house don’t neglect paying your bills and keep your accounting records in order! You may be interrogated. Professional and domestic on both fronts, the things may out of order and you may have to be patient and wait for the good time. Avoid arguments and confrontations especially with your subordinates. Sun in eighth house may not be supportive to you either. You can nevertheless reevaluate, recalculate or recuperate.

23rd February to 28th February

23rd will be good in terms of your creativity and efficiency. There would be financial gains and you feel much better and focused to your goals. Venus & Moon in your partnership house will also be helping you in improving your relations personal or professional. You with cheerful and positive mind will look after your responsibilities. This will be the time when new contacts, meetings and associations could be established and for important decisions. Your main planet Mars will aspect your career house, giving you extra edge. This will be the most favored time from this point of view will be occupations that deal with art, aesthetics, luxury, love or entertainment.

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Prediction By : Tarot Expert Sanjana Mittal

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