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Cancer Career Monthly Horoscope For December 2012

1 Dec - 7 Dec -

As per the planetary transition, this can be a significant period. You are hard working and social but you need some discipline where your emotions are concerned. The month starts with happy mood and good news. Money incoming will be more than desired and environment at home or at work is peaceful. On 3rd 4th and 5th expenses will be high and there will be slow down in profits and progress. Though teachers, healers and preachers will have swell time. Towards the end of the week, money gains will be strengthened again and you will be very caring to your family and siblings.

8 Dec - 14 Dec -

8th and 9th dates are troublesome, you need to check your emotions both at work and home. Saturn and Moon combines in fourth house, it will be good if you re-examine your relationships and determine your rights, duties and obligations. 10th 11th dates are good for students, their focus will increase and they will study dedicatedly. If in service your boss or senior will be happy with your work. There could be marriage in the family or an addition to it. On 12th and 13th you are keen to strengthen existing bonding and to put your finances at track.

15 Dec - 22 Dec -

- You will be confident, creative and aspiring person. Sun combines Jupiter in profession house, you will have to be more adaptable and flexible in your attitude as you aspire to achieve more and more. On 19th and 20th dates, you may seek an expert opinion in service and professional matters. Politicians, doctors, administrators will find their work at ease, their efficiency will be high, and they will remain quite active. You will be blessed by the senior person in the family.

23 Dec - 31 Dec -

You may start new project, new work on 23rd itself. You look for more funds. Speculation, gambling and others quick making tricks will interest you as you look all money making possibilities. 24th 25th are very good to gain substantial income. 26th 27th and 28th dates are not so good for investment. You may lose in speculation and share deal in this period. Delays and impediments may be faced in new avenues. By end of the week, you will easily recover your due money. Pending projects will be duly accomplished and things will start falling in your favor.

Auspicious Dates--1,2,3,5,6,23,24,25,29,30

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