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Aries Career Monthly Horoscope For May 2012

1 May - 7 May 2012

Hi, Aries!!!The month starts with a good note, making your influence stronger and greater. As per the planetary transition, Jupiter & Sun in ascendant will make you commanding, you will enrich your knowledge, and students will fare well in competitive exams. New job offers, and recovery of long held up money is likely. Favor from the seniors/boss will encourage you. End of the week may not be positive, guard yourself from enemies and arguments with colleagues & seniors to escape any untoward scene.

7 May - 14 May 2012 -

8th date is not good and tension will remain. Mounting expenses & education related problems might be faced. The period between 9th -14th is very auspicious, your social status shall enhance, and some auspicious ceremony shall take place at home. You can expect sudden windfall, great wealth and luck. There will be growth & progress as you may make investments plan in property. Money gain will also be good, through new contacts. You attract attention through your actions and may be the source of enemies. Friends & relatives shall support you.

15 May - 22 May 2012

Sun shall transit in Taurus, Saturn will come in Virgo in its retrograde motion in this week. These two major transits will give you a mixed and sumptuous week. The first two days you will be very demanding, money will be hard to come and obstructions in your work may frustrate you. Travel is also indicated. But the period after will improve; you will get busy with loans, funds, rent, and inheritances. There will be opportunities for higher education; you will be inspired to achieve something spectacular.

23 May - 31May 2012

Many old friends from the past come into your life. There will be new circumstances that give you freedom to explore yourself. You will be social and communicative to your professional needs & requirements. 24th 25th will be good to lay out future planning and you shall enjoy in it. But mid week, some unknown fear may make you feel insecure. 27th 28th and 29th are good for students, especially those related to technical/communication field. Last days of the week, guard yourself from your subordinates and enemies, they may try to harm you.

Auspicious Dates--13, 14, 18, 19, 20, 23, 24, 27, 28, 29

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