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Aquarius Career Monthly Horoscope For October 2013

1st October - 7th October -

Special assignments at work enhance your professional repute this week. Love and happiness in personal relationships and satisfaction in business ventures is indicated. Specialization in your field of activity adds to your professional repute and material gains. It is a great time to be with others and work together. Mars moves in Leo sign that could make you impulsive and quick in action. Mercury moves in your ninth house, giving you benefits of your communication and logical ways. Try not to lose your cool on 4th and 5th, if you have been shirking in your responsibility then it’s time to pull up your socks. Face up to your problems intelligently. If you are going for house/office renovation, it will get accomplished soon. . On 7th there may be success on educational front.

8th October - 14th October -

A prestigious project brings out your creative potentials. Friends & family gather around you to celebrate an event. The week is good for students; they may crack competitive exams by dint of merit and hard work. You remain in high spirit regarding a business deal. This is not the time to indulge in lottery or speculation as you will lose money only. 8th 9th your seniors and colleagues will praise your work. May get old due payment through check or draft. 10th 11th 12th is good for business as things will be favorable, conjugal relations will be sweet too. This will be the time to increase your contacts and networking as you are really in tune and deal with others in logical ways and deep empathy. On 13th 14th avoid new experiment, minor lose in business is indicated.

15th October - 22nd October -

Full Moon in Pisces will give you light and playful mood. Some auspicious ceremony will be held at home. Sun moves in your destiny house and makes association with Saturn, Rahu and Mercury there. You will prove your worth whether in business or profession. Your confidence and morale will be very high; you will manage to impress someone influential by your foresightedness. Technical students will get good results and better opportunities of work if they work methodically on 20th and 21st. Postpone your journey on 22nd as it may be full of problems and fruitless. Your ego may hamper your promotion have a check on it. A positive attitude heals negative surrounded you at this time.

23rd October - 31st October -

The week may start with slow pace creating tension in your mind but as it progresses, you will get happiness from every direction. Some lady friend will help you to brighten your career. You will learn to adjust with the circumstances. You may expect promotion, transfer at desired place and held up arrears in your kitty. Money incoming will increase substantially. You will clear all doubts, misunderstanding and with clear vision will move to your goals. Short distance journeys will be plenty and quite fruitful too. An official trip turns into leisure trip. Venus moves in Sagittarius and this is an excellent time to push for a much bigger share of the bounty. However 31st you need to be careful, may trap in some scandal, if you try short cut.

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Prediction By : Tarot Expert Sanjana Mittal

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